Hello, you glorious things.


For my third consecutive day blogging in this wonderful Month Of Vegan Food (do I get a Nobel prize yet?), I scoured my fridge for some lovely veggies that needed using up & trawled my cupboards for some complimentary bits and bobs. I was left with a wonderful mix of chestnut mushrooms, vibrant bell peppers, tomatoes, flat leaf parsley, onions, garlic, chickpeas, butter beans & risotto rice. I somehow managed to come up with a cheeky veggie feast of three separate dishes, which made for a rather decadent vegan bonanza (if I do say so myself, if I do say so myself).

1. Spicy roasted chickpeas with rosemary / 2. Butter bean bake / 3. Mushroom risotto


For the spicy baked chickpeas, I used the AMAZING recipe from ‘aquietvegan’ which y’all can see here! It’s definitely worth investing in the slightly laborious process of removing their skins – to give them that crispy edge. I coated mine in a little oil, lots of turmeric, cayenne pepper, a sprinkle of rosemary & a little salt. I didn’t have any sumac, but I finely chopped some red jalapeño and thew it in. Spread yo’ chickpeas out on some baking parchment & bake for 40 mins. These would also make for a lovely snack!



As for the risotto, I cooked about 400g according to packet instructions & with a little help from this recipe from ‘foodaddicted1’ – her snaps are INSANE & her tip about gradually adding stock (I used veggie stock) bit by bit = a life saver. To season the rice, I fried onion, garlic & chestnut mushrooms & added lots of pepper to give those mushrooms a kick. At the last minute, I also decided to throw in some vegan green pesto which made for a delicious twist.


Finally, I started work on a rather cheeky butter bean bake. For this, I fried onion, garlic & peppers,before covering in a tin of chopped tomatoes. I then added black olives, capers, sun-dried tomatoes & topped with some glorious yellow cherry tomatoes & flat-leaf parsley. Bake in the oven for just under and hour and you’re done. For another gr8 butter bean recipe, see this one from ‘the intrepid chef’ Perfect.




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