Sassy Pepper and Lentil Soup! [Vegan MoFo #2]

Oh, BOY! Have I got something special for y’all today.


Kicking off Vegan MoFo day two in true style is this rather sassy red pepper & lentil soup.

As I’m still on liquids (gnarly teeth, don’t ask) I fancied rustling something up that was both absolutely scrumptious & suitable for my delicate requirements (#petal). And thus, this glorious soup was born. I had about 82 gorgeous red peppers in my fridge, so the main competent of the dish was decided & I was away. I didn’t go by any recipe, except for following the way my tastebuds guided me. I love a good ol’ bit of guessing and improvisation. For this dish, I used 3 red peppers, roughly 100 grams(ish) of red lentils, half a red onion, 1 large clove of garlic, vegetable stock & some rather sassy seasoning (I’ll explain later).



Whilst your lentils are simmering away (according to packet instructions), you’ll want to gently fry your onion (I recommend red – whack in as much as you like!), garlic & yo’ peppers until soft. I also threw in some spring onion at the last minute just because I felt like it. Once everything is nicely sizzling away, cover with some scrumptious vegetable stock. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to make the stock from scratch – and my packet version worked just fine! Finally, blend and season before serving up this wonderful dish! For seasoning, I used a generous helping of cayenne pepper, a dash of tabasco & a good splash of soy sauce for a salty kick! Throw on a wee bit of coriander and you’re done. Enjoy!





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14 thoughts on “Sassy Pepper and Lentil Soup! [Vegan MoFo #2]

  1. Your red pepper and lentil soup looks delicious! I have 2 similar ones I’ve made in the past, both delicious. Roasting the red peppers first intensifies the subtle sweetness of the red pepper. And, the ginger in the other soup is really good, too. I do love soups, not just in winter, but all year round. Both of these freeze well.

    • Thank you for these glorious suggestions! Ginger sounds like such a marvellous suggestion. Loving the vibe of your blog too – please feel free to share some more leftover ideas & send them my way! Look forward to keeping in touch 🙂

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  2. Great idea! Unfortunately, bell peppers and I don’t go together well, but maybe it can be done with some other vegetable! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your commen, so kind!

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