Tomato and Lentil Millefeuilles [Vegan MoFo #1]


Ladies, gentleman, members of the Royal family, children, pu$$y cats, pups, amphibians, degenerates, and to all those cold-blooded creatures in-between, WELCOME to yet another #goodfoodmarsh bonanza. Now listen, I know I promised that I’d saved the best ’til last with my my  Les petits légumes farcis, but then I went and made this glorious creation – the tomato & lentil millefeuilles. Et voilà!


This post also marks another rather special occasion: September is the official ‘Month Of Vegan Food’. Now technically it all kicked off yesterday (which was when I was making this scrumptious feast I’ll have you know), but rather than partaking in the idyll that is food blogging, I was instead having two great toothy whoppers yanked out of my mouth. Violins, PURLEAZE.


And so it begins. For this dish y’all will need 200g of buckwheat flour (I used spelt), 100g of puy/beluga lentils (I used red lentils), 1 courgette, 2 peppers, 200g cherry tomatoes, 1 red onion, 300g assorted tomatoes, a lil’ lemon. This dish does need a wee bit of preparation, so give yourself a couple of hours or begin making the batter the night before!


Start with the batter. You’ll want to mix your flour (with a pinch of salt) with water – gradually so that it turns into the consistency of double cream. Chill in the fridge for at least an hour/overnight and then whisk again before using. Heat yo’ non-stick crêpe pan over medium heat with a dash of oil & ladle in the batter until it coats the base entirely. The photo below shows how bloody hard it can be to get the perfect galette! I’ll admit, there were a few soggy parcels that I sent swiftly to the bin, but don’t give up – I got there in the end & so can y’all! Layer your galettes separately between a sheet of baking parchment.


Meanwhile, cook your lentils according to packet instructions. I could’t find the bloody puy lentils in the cupboard, so I used red lentils & they turned out swell. Mix together with courgette (aka zucchini), peppers, cherry tomatoes and onion. Then begin your sassy layering…






And there we have it. Your very own golden tower of deliciousness.

You’re welcome.


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