Here are the GoodFoodMarsh bits and bobs that don’t quite fit anywhere else.
Some of these posts are from the very beginning of this food blog, so please proceed with EXTREME CAUTION and mind the gap in my questionable creative process from the dodgy days of 2012. These ‘golden oldies’, so to speak, are actually a little bit cringe and from the harrowing times when I used to cook with butter (#calltheveganpolice) and thought that I was a “food phenomenon” (actual quote from a #fan) for putting some mushrooms on top of a crumpet. I’ve kept them here in case you need a good chuckle, or so that one day I can make a slideshow of all these misfits to Drake’s ‘Started from the Bottom’.

Just click on da links below & you’ll be catapulted to the dizzying heights of vintage GoodFoodMarsh commentary.

Coffee & Crumpets • click here

Pasta Bake • click here

Vegan Pancakes • click here

Why I love Mothering Sunday • click here

400 Days Without Chocolate • click here

World Water Day & All things Vegan • click here

A Day in the Life • click here

My Meat Free Life • click here

Salad Season! • click here

You’re all fabulous • click here

To new beginnings • click here

July Favourites • click here

(40) Days of Summer • click here

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