Fruitarian Faves! [Vegan MoFo #4]

Hello, my little chickpeas!


About 5 years ago, I remember hearing about the raw food movement via vague whispers about Jason Mraz’s diet (remember that absolutely banger, ‘I’m Yours’?!). Since then, I’ve discovered the absolute wonders of raw vegan pair of Freelee and Duriarider on YouTube – watching their videos with a mixture of awe and bemusement. I couldn’t believe the amount of fruit that they used to ‘smash in’, as they so perfectly put it. There’s absolutely no way I saw myself partaking in any of their glorious madness. Besides, I was suitably nestled underneath my blanket of haloumi & hiding behind the gauze of comfortable vegetarianism. Since then, I believe I’ve become a little more enlightened (if I do say so myself..) after reading ‘The China Study’, generally educating myself & meeting a fabulous real life raw vegan (check out her blog – it’s delish!).With all these influences, I was gradually steered towards a more plant-based orientated diet myself . Now, before y’all put me on some kind of pedestal (I joke!), let me get one thing straight – I’m by no means fully raw. However, since going vegan 3 months ago, I’ve been trying to eat as much raw fruit as possible & I’ve been absolutely loving it. After all, isn’t trying something yourself the best way of casting judgement over it? These are just some of my fruity faves!

Homemade watermelon juice (ft. recycling!) / ‘Gateorade’ date & banana smoothie / Mango & OJ / Superfood snacks / Innocent goodness ❤



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3 thoughts on “Fruitarian Faves! [Vegan MoFo #4]

  1. That looks so good! Yeah when I first saw Freelee’s videos I could not possibly even fathom eating an entire watermelon, or 10 bananas in one sitting. I still can’t haha, but I’m trying a little bit every day! Really love your post, thanks for the comment on my blog! (:

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