Hello-ingtons! This here’s my delightful recipe for this outrageously simple ratoutille. It’s vegan, wholesome and entirely scrumptious. Don’t say I don’t treat y’all well.


My fondest memory of ratatouille consists of a glorious July evening in the South of France; with one real-life French family, lots of fabulous wine, and my best attempt at some rather dodgy conversation en français. I’d like to imagine that I made this dish in memoriam of such a splendid occasion, but in all honesty, I had about 53 courgettes (aka zucchinis) in my fridge that needed using up & this was the first thing that sprung to mind.

Ratatouille II

For this dish you will need:

Onions, garlic, sugar, tomatoes, courgettes, peppers & aubergine (eggplant to you American rascals). The Moroccan twist to this dish involves some right honourable chickpeas and black olives. SEE, I told you it was easy-peasy. I simply fried one large onion (and some red onion because it’s beaut) with garlic, and added sugar to slightly caramelise the mix. To this I added my chunky courgettes (about 3/4) and 3 large tomatoes with lots of cherry tomatoes thrown in too. My top would be not to cut the veg too finely, as this will all bubble away in the oven. Finally, add 400g of chickpeas with a handful of black olives and season. Serves 3/4.

OH and you’ll also need one early noughties Anastacia album playing in the background whilst y’all prepare all this. It’s ESSENTIAL to the success of your recipe. In Anastacia we trust.


My favourites feature a dash of Worcestershire for a fiery kick, some good old fashioned pepper, a sprinkling of Mediterranean spices, and absolute LASHINGS of red wine. I found this bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon at the back of my cupboard and it did the job just fine. I also made some rather cheeky sweet potato wedges to accompany the ratatouille. Simply boil the sweet potato, slice into wedges and bake in a small amount of oil in the oven.

Sweet potatoes

Et voilà! That’s one dayum fiiiiiiiine ratatouille.


And of course, this GoodFoodMarsh post wouldn’t be complete without the obligatory decadent dark chocolate snap. Enjoy!



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  1. Wow, I love this Moroccan twist on ratatouille! It definitely lifts this classic dish to a whole level. I’m a big fan of sweet potato and chickpeas, so I’m always looking for ways to incorporate them in my food. 🙂 I’ll have to give this a try sometime. I love the Mediterranean as well!

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