Vegan Mayhem in Mexico City [Day #1]

“Yes, I like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain,

I’m not much into health food, I am into champagne”


Alright, alright, you caught me out. I am very much into health food and I bloody hate getting caught in the rain. Lemme just say that if my barnet gets even a little damp, y’all are going to need an industrial quantity of frizzease to tame it back to some picture of normality. ¿So, what the cussing ‘ell am I doing quoting Jimmy Buffett on New Years Eve? Well, amigo$, I’m only in bleedin’ Mexico. I’ll be staying in the utterly glorious Coyoacan for the next 11 days, and I thought y’all might want to come along with me. Das right, I’m here to guide you through the festive sounds, decadent sights, opulent feasts, and the uncompromising energy of a city I’ve already fallen a little bit in love with.

Día uno was definitely one to set a precedent for the rest of dis fabulous vacation. After a 4am wake up call, I was treated to 10 hours on a flight with next to nothing that was vegan, which is so not fetch. And before y’all get on my case, I’m British, so I can sure as hell make that happen. Aside from the lack of airborne carbs, the flight was pretty good, except for the bit where I started to watch ‘The Fault in our Stars’ and had to turn it off before the gally next to me asked to change seats, due to the sobbing mess that I turned into. There may have been a few tears, but as the prophet Tracy Breaker famously said, it was more likely to be hay fever. JUST SAYIN’. Fortunately, after surviving on crisps and an obscene amount of black coffee, Atlanta airport was absolute delight in terms of their eateries. I grabbed a glorious vegetarian wrap which was chock full of fresh leaves, and a three bean salad which just about revived me. After ogling at all the vegetarian food, I made it to my gate with 3 minutes to spare and boarded my flight to Mexico City! This one is an even funnier story. They didn’t even have a vegetarian option, though a concerned air hostess pitifully handed me industrial quantities of pretzels and black coffee. Thank you, air hostess, for my inventive supper.

Coyoacan is an absolute dream. It is the most beautiful place. During my first few minutes in the town, I wandered into a fabulous canteen (which had been there since the 1930s!) full of food stalls and bustling punters, all eager for something suitably scrumptious. Now first things first, y’all should know that before I arrived I knew two phrases in Spanish; ‘my name is…’ and ‘where are the toilets’, so hopefully that should give you some context to my adventures. I wandered over to a stall teaming with fresh fruit, said ‘melon’ in some half-arsed Spanish accent and hoped for the best. Goodness GRACIOUS it was divine. This was my elixir of life as I wandered the wonderful streets of the borough, marvelling at the street food & basking in the sunlight. Since then, I’ve tried tamale (bae), raw chocolate water at an artisan coffee house, Mexican sushi, and vegan molletes. My hotel even got soya milk in especially, these Mexicans are just the bae-est of the baes. I can’t wait to see in the New Year in such a glorious place. Happy New Year to each and every one of you!




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Vegan Nachos!

I was inspired to make these Vegan nachos from scratch after watching Rosianna Halse Rojas’ video, which you can watch here!

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As with all my culinary pursuits, I made this recipe up as I went along, and in my opinion, that’s half the fun of it. I love adding a drop of this or that, or in this case, a gargantuan dollop of homemade guacamole!

The first stage involved crafting a rather sassy salsa. For this I fried onion, great juicy tomatoes, green pepper, & some red jalapeños – letting them sizzle away in the pan until soft. After leaving the mix on the side to cool, I drizzled some fresh lemon juice over the top (was supposed to be lime, but #YOLO) & placed in the fridge for later.

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I then blended some Cannellini beans with water & seasoned to create a pulpy mixture to top the tortilla chips, to add some depth.

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I then sliced up several corn tortillas & shallow fried them until crispy and golden brown. This was the first time I’ve ever made my own nachos, and I was overjoyed with how they turned out! Whilst the nachos were warming in the oven, I mashed a couple of glorious avocados and seasoned to create a makeshift guacamole. I also whizzed up some kidney beans with tabasco sauce for a wonderful dip. Again, I was just making this up as I went along. Et voilà!

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[Recipe (roughly serves 3-4!) = 8 corn tortillas, 1 tin kidney beans, 1 tin Cannellini beans, 2 giant avocados, 1 green pepper, red jalapeños, 1 large onion, 5 large organic tomatoes, 1 lemon]

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