Butternut Squash Masala & Kale Chips!


Why hello, you decadent creatures. I’m back with an absolute banger of a post with my utterly glorious butternut squash masala and sa$$y soy-infused kale chips. For this fabulous supper treat, I was fortunate enough to be blessed with some outrageously organic kale from an allotment in Cork & one very battered butternut squash from a market stall in Dublin. For this dish you will also need chickpeas, spinach, onions, garlic, chopped or tinned tomatoes, and aubergine (aka eggplant). For da kale marinade and masala sauce, y’all will need some cayenne pepper, paprika, soy sauce, rapeseed oil, Himalayan rock salt, mixed peppercorns & sunflower seeds.




For the Kale Chips:

Break off yo’ kale pieces from the stems and place on a baking tray. For the marinade, I prepared a soy-infused rapeseed oil mix, whilst going to town on some wonderful sunflower seeds in my decadent pestle & mortar. Lovingly spread your mixture over the kale and give it a good shuffle around, before adding a pinch of salt and pepper. Bake for 10ish minutes at around 200 degrees until your chips are fantastically crispy.

For the Butternut Squash Masala:

Roast your glorious squash in the oven for about half an hour until it becomes unashamedly soft, and slice into pieces for l8r. Meanwhile, gently fry one red onion (other onionz are available, y’all) until soft, throw in some garlic & chickpeas, before covering in chopped tomatoes and adding some fresh baby spinach. Season to your taste – I love throwing in lots of cayenne pepper, paprika and the odd pinch of turmeric. Serve up your dish of sa$$ and enjoy!






p.s. Special thanks to Penny for her glorious kale & marvellous outlook on all things raw. What a splendid treat.

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