Feijoada Revisited! [Vegan MoFo #5]

Are ye alreet?


If any of y’all saw my first attempt at Feijoada, you’ll know about my struggle in finding some juicy black beans for a dish named after the bloody thing itself (this is the problem with being a country mouse). So, after a little health store binge, I felt a little bit like Jack (of beanstalk fame) upon discovering some organic black turtle beans hidden on a shelf. I’ll admit, this dish takes quite a lot of time investment – but it’s always worth it in the end! You’ll need to soak your beans for at least 6 hours before cooking & then you’ll need to boil/simmer them for a following two hours! Whilst my beanz were softenin’ up nicely, I fried onion, garlic and some sweet red peppers – before throwing everything in together. I added salt, pepper, cayenne pepper & vegetable stock & tinned tomatoes, before throwing a rather cheeky chilli on top and cooking for a further hour. At the last minute, I added black olives and a few sassy sun-dried tomatoes! You can enjoy this dish solo, or as a filling with tortilla wraps. Lemme know if you give it a go!


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5 thoughts on “Feijoada Revisited! [Vegan MoFo #5]

  1. I love beans and all these ingredients. I am trying to be on my best gf vegan behavior so this fits my style of eating perfectly! I’m used to cooking dry beans so I know the drill of soaking and par boiling! Thanks for sharing – this looks good and I will be making it in the coming week. So you’re saying the ‘type’ of bean you bought made the difference?

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