Leftovers Hullabaloo!

Hello mates.

If y’all were blessed enough to catch my Spicy Aubergine Fries post, then you’ll know that I was left with an absolute heap of leftover slices of aubergine (aka eggplant). As per usual, my fridge was stacked up to the brim with courgettes, tomatoes and whole host other other fresh veggies. And so, I proudly present my impromptu ‘leftover hullabaloo’.


This dish is all about improvisation & having a good ol’ go at throwing in just about everything you can get your mitts on. I began by frying a large, finely chopped onion with a clove of garlic & adding my slices of eggplant + chunky slices of courgettes to the mix. I also gently fried some yellow pepper to give the dish some colour, before adding some absolute gorgeous fire roasted red peppers & a good handful of vine-ripened tomatoes. I coated my dish in lashings of cabernet sauvignon and seasoned with salt, mixed herbs & a sprinkling of cayenne pepper. This dish can be enjoyed solo, or complimented with a rather decadent crusty roll or simple portion of rice. And if that wasn’t good enough, this dish is 100% vegan and also wheat + gluten free. Perfect.


If you like the look of my leftovers, then you’ll definitely want to check out my Moroccan Ratatouille + Tian Provençal!


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8 thoughts on “Leftovers Hullabaloo!

  1. Hey!
    Thanks visiting my (sadly neglected) blog and directing me here. I’ve been vegan for just over a month so I am always looking for new ideas! Your anxieties about travel and being a crunchy kid are similar to mine (and here in France fish is somehow considered vegetarian, huh?!). I can’t wait for more of your wholesome posts! 🙂

    – Melissa

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