Vegan Roadtrip!

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves”  – Henry David Thoreau


If you managed to catch my Vegan a Go-Go post, then you’ll know that one of my greatest fears in committing to a vegan lifestyle was the fear of isolating myself from wonderful gatherings, impromptu supper parties & spontaneous midnight feasts. How wrong I was. And it only took the most bizarre of roadtrips to Wales (of all places) to enlighten myself.

ANYWAY, my Dublin housemate (we’ll call her ‘Ashlee Simpson’ from here on out) and I set off for wonderful Wales one sunny afternoon. We decided on Wales because it seemed exotic enough for us delicate English roses, and it may or may not have had something to do with my powers of persuasion over a very hungover Ashlee Simpson. After a quick pit stop at the services, which had not only Waitrose but also an M&S Food (DEATH BY DECADENCE), we crammed the car full of fruit and primed the speakers (and all surrounding traffic) for a full rendition of ‘Bangerz’.

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“Pembrokshire sounds nice, shall we go there?” chimed Ashlee Simpson halfway through ‘Wrecking Ball’. And so it was. Our course was set. After a couple of hours of driving we decided to have a cutesy picnic on the nearest beach. It was all very Famous Five!

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We had falafel and roasted peppers and hummus and olives and artichoke hearts and cous-cous, all topped off with a lovely baguette (cos CARBZ) and a cheeky bottle of Sol (with lime because I’m fancy). SEE, Vegan AND spontaneous. After frolicking on the sea shore until 11pm (we even dipped our toes in because we’re tough like that) we thought it time to head to our campsite, except for one small thing…the campsite was on the other side of the country. My bad. The next hour was frantically spent driving round a deserted Welsh seaside town, desperately knocking on doors only to be turned away. Turns out there wasn’t any room at the Inn. By some very bizarre twist of fate, we actually ended up in a delightful field behind a chip shop named ‘Buttyland’. You couldn’t make this up.


Day 2: After devouring an obscene amount of bananas for breakfast, Ashlee Simpson and I gathered our spirits and headed out for another adventure. I’d found an old childhood spot on the map which I knew would be perfect for a day of basking in the glorious sunlight and being utterly fabulous. But then, by another bizarre turn of fate, google maps decided to take us to a ferry port. Maybe it was trying to tell us something?! Luckily, some very kind ladies gave us directions to the nearest town and we found solace in the sole café serving soy milk. SUCCESS!


After letting some much needed caffeine ooze into every cell in our bodies, we laughed about our utterly hopeless situation, and Ashlee Simpson led the way to the nearest hot spot.. which turned out to be a medieval castle. Don’t say I don’t show y’all some culture. I even rode a penny farthing (meant for children but #yolo) thank you very much.

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We found this vegan protein bar particularly humorous. ‘NOURISHING & REAL’ it declared, obviously as opposed to all those other ‘NOURISHING & FAKE’ protein bars.


Our roadtrip was brought to a lovely conclusion as myself and Ashlee Simpson sat in a vacant field in the Breacon Beacons, munching on more fruit, discussing the dairy industry and raw food movement amongst other things. Perfect.


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