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If any of y’all read my July Favourite post, you’ll know that one of my biggest fears in joining the wonderful world of veganism was the daunting prospect of  bidding goodbye to decadent dinners and spontaneous suppers with my carnivorous pals. And that just wasn’t on. Eating vegan on the go was certainly something I approached with trepidation, but it was almost all in vain. In fact, there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. And after a recent trip to sunny Dublin and hibernation into the English country wilderness, I realised that where there’s a vegan will, there’s a vegan way.


I want to show that from multicultural cities to countryside retreats, it’s possible to not only survive, but thrive as a vegan in whatever habitat you may find yourself! And if anything, just stare adoringly at my snaps & let me know what you think in the comments!


After wolfing down a banana and rushing out the door at the obscenely early 5am, I was able to cotch at the airport with a rather decadent Innocent smoothie. I remember thinking “CARBS AND SUGAR M8” as I justified paying a ridiculous £4 (that’s almost $7!) for this antioxidant nonsense. I also forgot to take a book to read on the journey (all 40 minutes of it) so found this cutesy read after trawling the shelves at Smiths. I wanted to know more about something completely out of my comfort zone and this hit the spot marvellously. I’m only halfway through, but I could recommend this for any ol’ dunce when it come to economics (aka ME).

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I absolutely adore Vitamin Water. I don’t even care if it’s overpriced water with colouring and fabulously ‘scientific-looking’ branding so as to convince yourself that you’re being very, very kind to your body. This isn’t the usual one I go for, but after being awake since 5am, literally ANYTHING that’s bright blue and emblazoned with the words ‘VITAMIN and ‘WATER’ is going to get my $. What you don’t see in this pic is the rather cheeky vegan + gluten-free oat cake I was munching on for ‘elevenses’. Please tell me elevenses is something that exists outside of England!

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Milano (Pizza Express to the Brits amongst you) once again saved the day with their fabulous Vegetarian/Vegan range. This time I had their Giardiniera and just asked for it to be without cheese. The waiter was very accommodating and it’s always lovely to feel at home when dining, rather than a pain in the arse! The Giardiniera is a lovely Artichoke, mushroom, red pepper, marinated santos tomato, leek, olive, mozzarella [optional] and garlic oil pizza with a tomato & pesto base. I also reviewed Milano in my July Favourites!

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The barista also made the SASSIEST cappuccino I have ever laid my eyes upon. Just LOOK at that side eye & strong brow game combination.

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As this was literally a flying visit (to see Lana Del Rey don’t you know!), I was back in the airport before I knew it. I grabbed a quick snacklet of OJ, sliced apples & a cocoa nakd bar.


I also managed to snap this gloriously warm snap of the sunset and I walked to get my flight. It was genuinely one of those sunsets where you had to stop and admire. The sky looked like a watercolour painting. I also arrived home to find these adorable, handmade vegan chocolates on my pillow. Yes, you heard right, vegan and chocolate in the same sentence. Be still, my beating heart.


Now as for the countryside retreat, I found myself in the midst of lots of greenery, some fabulous art, a fat cat by the name of Alfie & a lovely pup of the same name. I took a stroll into the local village and found their one delightful corner shop. After stocking up on a few essentials (yes, jelly tots are essential) I was gooooooood to go. It was a lovely weekend all in all. I read, dog-walked, and even played the piano. And fear not, there were also a few episodes of MTV’s addictive ‘Catfish’ splattered between all the culture and fresh air too.


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So there we have it, I survived as a vegan on the go and made it home to tell the tale. How do you guys find travelling as a vegan, vegetarian or even coeliac?

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