Independence Day Feast Y’AAAALLLL!

Happy 238th Birthday Americaaaaaaa!


I’m not even American, in fact I’m actually English (don’t tell Uncle Sam), but ain’t nobody got time to pass up the opportunity to celebrate something glorious. The States sure do know how to pardy & I want in. I thought I’d honour this occasion by attempting to make something scrumptious, patriotic (lol) and vegan!

Before I got stuck into preparing my wonderful vegan feast, I made myself a rather sassy Watermelon juice. I simply fleshed out half a medium sized watermelon, blended, and sieved to remove all dem seeds because I’m a pussy cat when it comes to pips and pulp. I may or may not have imagined myself as some dodgy Riff Raff tribute act as I sipped away on this tall glass of (almost) purple deliciousness. TURN UP.

Watermelons   Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Anyway, inspired by what I imagine to be America’s finest half-time-at-the-Super-Bowl cuisine, I decided to create some of my own ‘pizza-style’ flatbreads. These are literally the easiest & most delightful little things I have ever made.

Prep      IMG_2456

I prepped some chestnut mushroom, vine-ripened tomatoes and zucchini (the English word is courgette, please and thank you) as well as some corn (that’s sort of American, right?) with olives, sundried tomatoes and avocado. The bases were wheat-flour tortillas, which I used to make vegan nachos last week! I would usually prep the base with tomato purée, but I didn’t have any cotching in my cupboards, so improvised with some tinned tomatoes – which turned out just fine.


Supper II


I also made a super cheeky side salad which consisted of Italian mixed leaves, sweet peppers, falafel, spinach & cucumber –  all rather lazily thrown together. All of this was perfectly tied together with a scrumptious bottle of Corona. Corona is my BAE.


Last but not least, I threw together my own take on the iconic combination of all things red, white and blue. I was hoping to channel ye olde star spangled banner, but ended up with a gooey concoction of summer berries, drizzled in Fairtrade vegan dark chocolate. Maybe we’ll call this one the Harvard Tidy. #dadjokes


Red/White/Blue 2

As Erma Bombeck once said, “you may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism”.


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7 thoughts on “Independence Day Feast Y’AAAALLLL!

  1. That sounds like quite a feast!! Looks great! Are you a Low fat vegan? And have you tried Rawtill4?

    • I’m so interested in the rawtil4 movement. I’ve been watching Durianrider and Freelee on YouTube for a couple of years now, and that was how I was introduced to it. I’ve attempted it a couple of times & really enjoyed my exploration into it – definitely open to trying more raw vegan food. I post some of my raw stuff on instagram – do you have an account for me to follow! 🙂

      • Thank you! I’ve only been Vegan for a month, but I think summer is the perfect time to delve into the world of all things raw. I’ll keep you posted on how & get on. And I’ll of course be coming to your blog for inspiration! 🙂

      • Sounds good. I started out just doing a mini detox eating all fruits and veggies. We loved it so it stuck. Now can’t imagine going back. It’s fun learning new things about what we can accomplish when our minds are set. We will stay raw through the summer but incorporate cooked carbs in the colder months. Seattle can get really cold.

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