What I Ate Wednesday, except that it’s Friday instead.

Now how’s about that for a catchy arse title?

I’ve been wanting to write a ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ for about 83 years, and today is finally the day I decided to attempt it. And today happened to be a Friday, so you’re just going to have to deal with it. #yolo

For those of you not familiar with this blogging concept, it’s basically just a chance for us narcissistic bloggers to lead by ‘shining example’* into the foray of the daily struggle with what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat AD INFINITUM. (*please read ‘I have no bloody idea what I’m doing, and by no means do my poached eggs on toast constitute the gospel truth when it comes to nutrition). Anyway, on with the show…

I always start the day with a glorious camomile tea, complimented with a generous dollop of manuka honey. I swear by manuka honey, it’s my very own elixir of life. Although camomile tea is most noted for its sleep inducing properties, and therefore considered the perfect night cap, I drink it at all hours of the day. It’s great.

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Since I had a rather fabulous lie in, I enjoyed a little brunch of toasted wholegrain bread with fresh spinach, one organic poached egg, and organic closed cup mushrooms. I absolutely adore spinach at the moment and it makes for a wonderful combination with the egg. I also sautéed my mushrooms in a little light soy sauce, as I fancied adding a kick to my usual peppered mushroom routine.  

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I headed into my little corner of Dublin for a short walk whilst sipping away at my soya milk hot chocolate. It was divine. I’m also rather proud of this snap I managed to get while the afternoon sky was still an optimistic blue.

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After far too much procrastinating, I finally made my way to the gym for an evening run on the treadmill. Though I’ll admit, it took me two plays of Blondie’s ‘One Way or Another’ to get me out the door. God bless you, Debbie Harry.

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I’ve been steadily training over the past couple of months to reach this point, and I’m super stoked with my 10km run. The last time I ran this distance was 2009, so this is a proud moment for me. It’s certainly not the fastest I’ve ever run, but it’s a start. #Blushingtons

I returned home to prepare a gargantuan supper of vegetables, which literally looked like a mountain on my plate. Whilst I was cooking, I tucked into a scrumptious post-workout snack of banana & a rather generous dollop of peanut butter. I may or may not have gone back to the peanut butter jar for more.

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Following this delicious culinary intermission, I cooked about 15 portions worth of broccoli, cauliflower and petit pois peas. As I was feeling adventurous, I also grilled a few of those vegetable type faux fish fingers. They tasted like the nostalgic memories of school dinners. We’re talking somewhere between lumpy custard and turkey twizzlers. I positively swamped the whole plate in delicious vegetable gravy, although I have to admit that it was shop bought. Please call the gravy police before I commit a serious condiment crime. It’s not the most photogenic of all my food-photography images, but can y’all see that steam? It was just what I need after my gym sesh.

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Finally, I enjoyed one last hot chocolate (two in one day, I know, I’m out of control) and a handful of good ol’ apricots whilst relaxing in front of ‘Taken’. And you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ve got that Friday feeling.

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Thank you for reading!

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