To new beginnings.

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This is the awkward part where we both recognise each other, but it’s been so long that neither of us knows what to say. You know, the long lost cousins who used to have baths together but now can’t bear to look each other in the eye?

This is one of those moments.

It’s been 1 year, 8 months, and 12 days since my marvellous musings last graced the world wide web. That’s a horrendously long time. A lot can happen in 612 days. And gee whiz do I have some adventures to share with you.

I should probably let you all know that I moved from England to Dublin, Ireland and I absolutely love it here. I’ve also done a whole heap of travelling – Palma, Berlin, Greece, Turkey, Venice and Brussels. I’ve experimented with veganism several times over the past year, delved into the world of the fruitarians, and experienced some fabulous vegetarian dishes from all over the world. Why shucks, I even went to a Vegetarian cookery school. Send your Michelin stars my way, please and thank you. So, pull up a pew, pour yourself another ginger beer, and enjoy my sassy tales of glorious vegetarianism.

I may have moved on, but goodfoodmarsh is most definitely here to stay.


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