You’re all fabulous.

This post marks a sublime moment in the good food marsh story.

From the conception of this food blog and my first ever article (if I have the audacity to call it that), I never thought I’d arrive at this point of a collaborative project with my readers. I still hasn’t sunk in that I’ve got lovely people to call ‘readers’. You’re all magnificent for putting up with my Vegetarian ramblings and amateur food photography. If one thing’s for certain, you’ve made me a very happy food marsh.

It’s the kind words of those who have enjoyed my posts that motivate me to continue writing about what I love (good food) and what gets my knickers in a twist (crap food). This cheeky little post wouldn’t have been possible without my wonderful readers and you, yes YOU reading this right now are cordially invited to be part of the next.

So to those of you thinking ‘what IS she going on about?’, here’s the deal. I challenged my twitter followers to create their own culinary masterpieces in response to my little article about salads and how AMAZING they can be. If your eyes haven’t yet had the delight to devour its literary content then just go WILD and click here to read it. It’s sort of awkward because the following salads put mine to shame.

So, grab a cuppa, put your feet up and on with the show! [DISCLAIMER: salads are all fab, but some contain meat]

1. “Local Venison Sausage (yay for low food miles) on a bed of 3 types of fresh salad from the garden with beetroot, red/yellow peppers & puy lentils. Homemade French dressing with chopped Chorizo sprinkled on top for a Spanish twist.” Submitted by @pheeloves from England. 

2. “Not technically a salad, but bursting with colour & flavour! Mackerel with pink peppercorns and herbs on a bed of  spinach, rocket, watercress and cucumber. Submitted by @Hannerp from England.

3. “I always use fruit in a salad! Leaves from our local farm shop with peppers, tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber and chunks of apple. Finished with cheese and little slices of egg with homemade pitta”. Submitted by @faye_mai from England.

4. “Lovely roasted red peppers, artichokes, corn, eggplant and Okra . Topped with fresh Avocado and I believe sun dried tomatoes. The greens were a fresh organic mix.  It was seasoned with fresh pepper and an oil & vinegar dressing!”. Submitted by @ME_ganLifestyle from Arizona, USA. (She’s also got a vegan blog, so check it out here!) 

5. “Wonderfully colourful raw beetroot, carrot and orange salad topped with sesame seeds & sunflower seeds”. Submitted by @soblondetats from New Jersey, USA. 

6. “A very interesting salad of carrots, seaweed, sesame seeds and soy sauce”. Submitted by @NenaRevenge from Italy.

7. “Finally, a beautiful lettuce, spring onion, cucumber, avocado, pear, orange & lime juice salad with stilton and goat’s cheese. Submitted by @m_a_scolding from England.

My readers are fabulous and then some. So raise your glasses, and here’s to the first of many projects.

p.s Thank you endlessly to all those involved. I’m humbled.

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