Good Morning World.

I’ve hope you’ve got your pedal pushers on, because things are about to get seasonal. Yesterday I though I’d try my hand at challenging some of the Vegetarian stereotypes and today Good Food Marsh is back for more. I’m going to get you all to fall in love with salads, one leaf at a time.

As I said goodbye to May with a little tear of pure diet coke (I drink A LOT of the stuff) and thought ‘excuse ME how it is June already?’, I stocked my fridge to bursting point with all things fresh and green and raw. Steamed veg is officially as out of fashion as the likes of those jelly sandals from the 90s. Make way for anything sufficiently crunchy to act as a reminder that one has reached the beginning of Summer. Sort of..

See here’s the thing.

I live in a little village on a little island you might have heard of, called England. It’s all very jolly and Roger red hat and such and we’ve even got a Queen. But we’ve got this weeny problem with the sunshine, and mainly our lack of it. You see, there’s this misconception that British people like to talk about the weather a lot. That’s wrong. We don’t like to talk about it, we LOVE incessantly yapping on about how awful it is. So, after a week of ‘It’s so hot I’m melting like the witch from the Wizard of Oz’ followed by stepping in puddles the size of a small lake I decided enough was enough. No grey skies were going to stop Good Food Marsh from going seasonal. And so, I sat down and made myself a salad, an actual bowl of green leaves with an explosion of vegetables WITHOUT dressing and I enjoyed it. For that alone, I deserve a round of applause or a Knighthood at the very least.

Now here’s where people go wrong with salads. Summer arrives people realise they haven’t got that ‘bikini bod’ they think that they should have. The ‘rational’ thought of “I’ll eat salad for the next week and probably look like Nicole Richie at the end of it” pops into their head. And so, the hatred of ‘rabbit food’ begins. MATE, one lettuce leaf and a raw carrot is NOT a salad. You’re doing it wrong.

You’ve got to love your food, and salad should be no exception. It’s still got to fuel your body and tantalise those tastebuds – otherwise your stomach will get cross and accidentally on purpose tell you to eat an entire box of After Eights.

Anyway. Salads can be LUSH. A salad crafted by Good Food Marsh is always bursting with colour, deliciousness and most definitely qualifies as feel-good food. So here are my fabulous top tips to get you on your way to a life in harmony with the salads of the world.

1. COLOUR. Colour is good. A bright dish instantly looks more appealing and those vibrant veggies will most likely taste like perfection on a plate.


Linda McCartney Sausages (bit weird in a salad I KNOW), peppers, cucumber, lentils & cheddar cheese.

2. FLAVOUR. Obvious but always undermined. It has to taste nice! Lentils, Cous Cous, cheeky bit of cheese, egg, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, corn are things I throw into the mix. The list is endless and that’s the point.

Cous Cous, Fresh eggs from the garden! Peppers & tomatoes (hiding in there somewhere).

3. CREATE A MASTERPIECE. Eating something you’ve made by hand is always fulfilling and the same goes for a lovingly crafted salad. Create something of your very own, a work of art, a streak of culinary flourish, something FABULOUS.

Vegan sage & onion slices, baby corn, cucumber, courgettes & peppers.

I’ll leave you with the inspirational words of Good Food Marsh who famously once said “Keep Calm & Carry On making that salad”.

Every salad deserves a chance.

p.s if you don’t know what pedal pushers are – you missed out of one of the greatest fashion trends to exist. They were FAB.

3 thoughts on “SALAD SEASON!

  1. Wow…my mouth is watering from all those salad photos! Eventhough I no longer eat meat, dairy or egg. Beautiful food sure is something, and salads can be ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Hey..if I’m ever in England or Italy, I’m coming to all your houses for salad!! 🙂 Sharing with eachother is very nice – us bloggers and tweeters should always share and stay together! I’m always willing to help whenever I can! Love makes the world go ’round! ME-gan Love to you all! Keep up the nice work goodfoodmarsh! I’m loving it! 🙂

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