A day in the life.

Good Evening World.

It’s a fact that I spend far too much of my life reflecting on the past. I just can’t help it. I often spend my precious moments fondly reminiscing on times long since gone. My drug of choice is nostalgia, and I’m a self confessed addict.

I look back wistfully on years when I was thinner, felt fitter and could avoid the temptation of all things sickly sweet. It’s easy to look back on those years. But I can’t pretend that I’m still living in 2008. This blog post is about living, eating and enjoying this very moment, right now. I’ve got to start somewhere -we’ve all got to start somewhere.

So, this morning I woke up bright and early, and decided it was going to be a different kind of day. I was going to make a change. But, it wasn’t about extremes. I’m not going to give up all carbohydrates and convert to a low-GI-macrobiotic life of organic Veganism overnight. So here’s what I did instead ~

 I enjoyed my healthy (and delicious!) food.

I sipped on my Pink Lemonade & savoured a Macaroon treat.


I paused to look at the views.


And, I was blown away by the Sunset.

I had a wonderful day. It wasn’t sugar-free, and it certainly wasn’t guiltless, but  ‘goodfoodmarsh’ is allowed to be a little ‘bad food marsh’ once in a while. That’s life, and  that’s what ‘goodfoodmarsh’ is all about. I’m here to write about my experiences with food, the things I enjoy eating, and how they make me feel. I look at this blog as a project, a sort of experiment and most of all, a journey. I hope that you, my lovely readers, will stay with me as I begin this journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

Walk with me.


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