Why I love Mothering Sunday

Today it was Mothering Sunday, and I enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing afternoon with my family, in our home city of Bath. If you’ve never been, then I highly recommend a visit, even if just to marvel at the Roman Baths (although there’s a whole lot more to see!). We went to Prior Park garden centre, which I’d never been to before, and it turned out to be a highly enjoyable afternoon.

I awaited the most wonderful Sunday Roast (a true British tradition), although mine was far from conventional. My lunch was guiltlessly 100% Vegan, and I savoured every mouthful of my Nut Roast, with mustard mash & fresh veg. I’m the lone Vegetarian in my family, so they all enjoyed their chicken alternative, which actually looked pretty good (will I got to Vegetarian hell for saying that?).

The garden centre was also a fabulous place for fresh fruit/veg, and all things delicious and organic. I love independent little places that produce their own fabulous looking food & fresh, C O L O U R F U L veg!


I was particularly impressed with these GIGANTIC onions, which would have anyone crying absolute buckets:

Lunch at the garden centre was certainly an interesting affair, as we were surrounded by some beautiful tropic fish – which only went to strengthen my Vegetarian lifestyle! How fabulous are their colours?! >


I also thought I’d share ‘Nigel the bearded dragon’ with you, as he was having a wonderful little sunbathe in his cosy tank:

Finally! I’d also like to share with you this photo, of the weeny machine I’m typing on at this very minute ~ which is an Apple MacBook Air. It has certainly made blogging a lot more enjoyable!

I hope you enjoyed reading my account of why I loved this Mothering Sunday, and I hope that you had an equally enjoyable one.

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