vegan pancakes



Now most of you may shudder at the thought of Vegan Pancakes, but they are in fact DELICIOUS and rather less calorific than ‘normal’ ones.

These pancakes don’t have to be reserved for Mardi Gras, they can be enjoyed as a late night snack or as a breakfast treat.

Many people claim they ‘don’t have time for breakfast’, even though it takes on average 8 minutes to eat. I’m passionate about breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day ~  providing vital energy for your busy day, increasing metabolism and providing the body with much needed nutrients after the night fast. These vegan pancakes can be made and at least started within that 8 minutes, they only require TWO ingredients.

Takes your standard self raising flour and pour (or sieve if you’re meticulous about lumps) into a bowl or something similar to a pyrex jar. Then, simply pour in your soya milk bits at a time and furiously stir (exercise AND pancakes!) until the pancake mixture is runny enough to slide off of your spoon. Make sure your pan is hot before adding butter (I’m yet to source Vegan friendly butter) or olive oil. Pour your mixture into the centre of the pan and allow the mixture to flatten out + spread to the edges ~ creating the perfect pancake shape. Get ready for the all important flip + serve when both sides are golden brown. Here’s my first attempt:

Serve to your taste. I went for the classic Lemon + Sugar > Nutella + Banana (all melted & lovely) > Strawberries + sugar. The Nutella was particularly sublime:

* I’ve not worked out exact measurements ~ I only know how much flour to use for my own portion size, but leave a comment and I’ll work it out for you 🙂

I’d love to know how you think these compare to pancakes you’ve had before.

~ ~

[N.B I do not own the ‘Simpsons’ image. All rights belong to Matt Groening & co.]

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