how to fall in love with carbs again

hello world. want to know how to make a tasty pasta dish? ALRIGHT THEN.

Step 1 ~ get your portion size right.

I learnt this little method from a true Italian. Unless you’re running a marathon this portion is enough to fill anyone right up. take a cup or mug and fill with pasta of your choice. I adore fusili, so here’s my mug crammed full of the stuff. You know the drill, fill a pan with boiling water and add the pasta, let it simmer away until soft.

Step 2 ~ select your ingredients

Plenty of colourful fresh veg chaps. I love mushrooms, I’ve finely chopped mine so that they blend in well with my green beens, crunchy red pepper, and some wonderfully yellow baby corn. It’s all about experimenting with flavour + texture, so go with what you love – but don’t be afraid to try something new! Add these vegetables to a pan with a little olive oil – be careful not to drown them in oil, you don’t need to deep-fat fry them. I also added some veggie sausages to the mix.

Step 3 ~ drain, mix + serve

Drain your pasta and add the rest of your ingredients. Your dish is now complete!

You’ve now got a fabulous pasta dish. Healthy, tasty and certainly more substantial than a salad. Being healthy isn’t as hard as you thought!


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